It's important that all groups using the Centre have an adequate staff-young people ratio. We would recommend a minimum of one leader to eight young people (1:8) with a minimum of 2 leaders present at all times. If you have a group of males & females we recommend male & female leaders.

On arrival at the Centre groups will be met by the Warden (or on certain occasions by the Manager) who will outline the equipment available, instruct in its use if appropriate, and indicate fire and safety procedures. The Warden, Manager, or Chairman of The Asheldham Centre have the right to deny access to the premises if there is not adequate staffing in terms of numbers or authority.

It is important that medical information forms and parental consent forms are obtained for every young person staying at the Centre. If you do not have consent forms then contact the Manager who will be happy to forward these. Risk Assessments are available for all activities offered by the staff of Asheldham and 'Hunter Outdoor Training'.

It should go without saying that the Centre holds the Group Leaders responsible for the participants / clients behaviour on and off the premises; this includes noise and treatment of the grave-yard. The latter is still an active, commissioned parish possession and must be treated with all due respect. We value the relationship we have with our neighbours and are duty bound - and morally bound - to follow up any reports of excessive noise or 'bad' behaviour. Both of these have been very, very rare over the 30 years we have been operating. On the occasions these have occurred groups have either been banned from this Centre in the future, have lost their deposits, and /or been asked to personally apologise to the residents.

To this end fit your activities into the facilities understood to be at the Centre before you arrive, instead of assuming we have certain activities or facilities available and then find youth at a loss for what to occupy their time with. Good leadership prevents 99.9% of any problems in or outside of the Centre and we as a Management Committee have been very grateful for competent leaders in the past.

In addition to this we also recommend that you download and read our housekeeping document prior to using the centre. You can download this here.


Asheldham is managed by Hunter Outdoors. 


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