1. Is The Asheldham Centre experienced in hosting groups?

We have been 'hosting' groups for over 25 years. The vast majority of those that come to stay at this unique Centre are 'self-wardened' and 'self catering' thus we do not so much host as introduce the Centre and the building to you - and then hand you the keys for a few days. We have welcomed over 32,000  people to our medieval building.

2. Can you help with planning our visit?

We are more than happy to provide suggestions for venues, link you up with other providers, and plan timings and information about the 'wilder' parts of this remote natural environment; members of our Management Team are both local residents and some are specialists in outdoor pursuits, day, and backpacking expedition-guides to show you the best of this area on foot. 

3. Can I look around The Centre before I formally confirm my booking ?

You are more than welcome to look around at any time prior to making whether a provisional or confirmed booking. Contact the Bookings Secretary at

4. Do you offer free places for leaders?

As with many similar organisations we offer one free leader place for every 10 paying clients.

5. What are the recommended leader ratios?

Due to the remoteness of The Centre, we recommend a minimum three leaders for up to 20 clients, where these clients are below the age of 18 years. A gender mix is of course necessary unless all clients are of one gender.

6. Can you assist with Risk Assessments?

Yes. We have Risk Assessments for The Centre but each group needs to prepare its own for whatever they do on or off the premises. Any organisation contracted in to provide activities on-site (in the building or on the Meadow) such as 'HUNTER OUTDOOR TRAINING' - or off site such as eg. a local outdoor centre, will provide its own Risk Assessments which you are at liberty to have copies of for all relevant activities.

We can provide a 'pro-forma' for you to risk assess your own activities.

7. Can you assist with Parents' Information?

Let us know any details that you cannot find on this bookings website, or the main site, that you may need for parents and we will help with your parents'' information pack.

8. Can you assist with an Equipment List?

We can provide equipment lists based upon the many and varied activities that clients undertake; please be aware that The Centre is sleeping bag accommodation - unless clients wish to bring their own sheets, pillow cases, and duvets etc.. Equipment for being out - walking - on the remote Dengie should be sorted and brought having taken into account the information in the 'Walks/Treks' part of the website.

9. Can we bring a coach to The Centre? Can we drop off and pick up safely?

Coaches can drop off clients close to The Centre BUT ONLY BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT. THERE IS NO PARKING FOR COACHES. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS WHEN PLANNING. Please read the page containing centre details. Parking for cars numbers about 6 places; minibuses are by far the best and safest way to arrive and transport once here.

10. Can you tell me if The Centre is avilable on.....?

Please contact us for availability.

11. How much does it cost for......?

All costs are included in the Menu item 'Pricing and Booking' on the Menu [above].

12. How do I book?

A booking form can be found on the 'Pricing and booking' page. This can be completed and returned to us.

Asheldham is managed by Hunter Outdoors. 


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