The Dengie peninsula is a rich but under-used area for schools’ outdoor work which makes the Asheldham Centre an ideal place for your school to visit either for the day or for a residential.

What can we offer?

Our centre manager is a past teacher and can offer led courses at The Asheldham Centre have been run at KS2 – KS4 level.  Most courses currently run at the Centre are day-courses but we have the capability to accommodate residential courses for up to 24 people.

The Manager, Barry Howard, can advise on a number of key sites for practical work on the Dengie peninsula. He has led courses across the whole of the Dengie for over 25 years.

Most if not all groups undertake fieldwork during their day for exampleout at Bradwell (remote beach and coastal ecosystems), rural studies along a variety of public footpaths comparing farming types / the farming year etc., or local history: Iron Age/Roman/Anglo Saxon/Viking/ Medieval. The airfield at Bradwell is a rich resource for WW2 history studies.

We can comfortably host 30 pupils plus staff on a day basis, with groups arriving between 9.30am and departing between 2.45pm and 3.45pm. On some days staff from Hunter Outdoor Training can be on hand at the Centre  to start the day off, for introductions to the local area, and to ‘set the scene’ for teachers to deliver their material. 

Hunter Outdoor Training Instructors also run teacher training courses in the geography and history of the local area as a preparation for those staff teaching their pupils. These are very well attended.


Charges for the use of the Centre on a day-basis only are : £150 for a 9am-5pm (or part thereof) day for groups up to 35. Any larger sizes are charged at a pro-rata rate. Please contact the Manager via our bookings page.

The standard rate for an overnight stay is £15 per person per night. The minimum group size is 15. Please be aware that the Centre accommodates 24 in four dormitories: two x 10 bed (all bunks) and two x 2 bed (bunks).

The centre is solely self-catering ie the staff at the Centre do not provide meals.

There have been many and varied courses run at the centre over the past three decades, too many to recount here. Should potential users wish to learn more about possibilities and permutations for their stay please get in touch with the Manager.

Asheldham is managed by Hunter Outdoors. 


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